Urbangram | A Project by Vastushodh Projects
The Indian culture is replete with various elements that have both spiritual and
scientific significance. These elements find an important place in our traditional
and religious rituals and symbolise the connection between the spiritual and
material worlds.

Urbangram Pirangut uses five of these elements in creating a harmonious interface between the homes and their surroundings as well as the individuals and the society. These elements are placed as per Vastu guidelines in creating a beautiful and harmonious backdrop for the home and the home dwellers.

Kurma: The Kurma is a symbol of longevity and wealth and is placed at
the entrance of many temples. It is worshiped before entering the temple for
achieving strength, wealth and longevity.

Deepstambh: A light pillar or column of lamps is commonly found near temples. In the past, it served to unite the community through sharing of lights by each family that lived in the neighbourhood.

Tulsi Vrundavan: The Tulsi plant is still found in households where it is worshiped by the lady of the house as a link between her family and the god. It always existed outside the kitchen and is also used as a household remedy in some ailments.

Shankh: The blowing of the conch or shankh is an integral part of our culture and traditions. Shankh was used to pour water on an idol as an expression of strength, wealth & divinity. The sound of the shankh is also believed to have a resemblance with our heartbeats.

Gomukh: Our culture has always revered the cow. The teerth like water, milk and honey offered in temples are left to flow from the mouth of the cow. The cow's mouth or Gomukh is a representation of purity and divine and the flow is an expression calmness and purity.

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